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"Necessity is the mother of invention".  And so it was with our suspended cable lifts, our Hillside Helpers

Following a relaxing sauna, we were hardly in the mood to haul empty bottles and dishes, gas cans, wet bathing suits and other paraphernalia up steep hills to our cottage.  So our engineering team devised these ingeneous suspended  lifts to make life at the cottage easier for everyone.

With the flick of a switch, you can bring just about any load to or from the water regardless of the terrain. 

Custom cedar baskets are provided that will allow you to hoist muskoka chairs, boat batteries and motors, kayaks, ski equipment, beer, building materials, new dock sections and anything else you can imagine up any hill or steep embankment at your cottage. 

Beautiful red cedar bunkie style doghouses are provided to shelter the winching equipment and keep your cottage grounds beautiful and natural looking. 

Take a load off.  Then take a load up with your own Hillside Helper!

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