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Hillside Helpers - Models and Pricing

Model #

Typical lifting applications

Winching speed


Hillside Helper 100

Payloads up to 100 lbs.

Coolers, boat batteries

Two 25 litre (5 gallon) gas cans,

muskoka chairs,

fishing motors, porterhouse steaks, bbq’s,

canoes and kayaks.

2-5 ft/sec

From $1500 CAN installed

Hillside Helper 200

Payloads up to 200 lbs.

Four 25 litre (5 gallon) gas cans

40 hp outboard motors,

construction materials.

2-5 ft/sec

From $2000 CAN installed



The Hillside Helper is designed and built on your site.  Their custom nature means we can only install them in our service area. Site conditions can affect the design and cost of the final installation dramatically.


We can use large well located trees of certain species as the anchor point for the suspended cable.  In other cases, we will need to provide firmly anchored structural steel assemblies at the top and bottom of you hill to support the tension in the suspended cable.  These posts can be painted in a natural green colour to blend into the landscape, or clad in cedar for the ultimate in natural appearance.


As tempted as you may be to send people up the hill in your Hillside Helper.  They are neither intended, nor certified to lift people (this includes your mother-in-law, or other guests who have stayed too long).



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