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Having a floating sauna at the cottage is all about relaxation.  You and your guests will likely enjoy going out on the lake in your sauna until the ice comes and then enjoy it on shore as you wait for spring. We know that most of our customers have better things to do than winterize boats, do maintenance and chase down unreliable service providers at the cottage.  So within our service area we offer complete maintenance and service packages that you can depend on. 

Service Plans are available that include annual maintenance, cleaning, winterization and spring startup of your sauna.  We include the removal of your sauna onto the beach or  your custom lift, or removal and trailering to your storage site, which most often is in the cottage driveway.  Annual cleaning includes pressure washing to ensure that your sauna is at it's best and ready to go in the spring for another year of fun.  While we are at your place, we will also winterize and provide service for your other boats.

Service on demand is available if something breaks or needs fixing. Click here to order service now.  We will contact you with a quote within 24 hours of receiving your request.

We recommend that people leave their sauna's exterior in it's natural state for graceful aging as we all should at the cottage.  However, we also offer a regular staining program for those who prefer to keep their craft stained in a colour to their taste.

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